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Celeste is a popular height adjustable bath choice where an integrated seat is not a practical solution for the user and the use of ceiling track Hoists, mobile Hoists, slings and/or cradles are more the order of the day.
It can be used in conjunction with a number of accessories. Many of the accesories items can be made to suit the individual needs.
Celeste is available in two sizes, both of which can be supplied with a removable changing top.

  • Safe working load 30st / 185kg
  • Strong, robust, Mdf panels will take the day to day knocks
  • The handset has two simple control buttons
  • Accessories: luxury changing tops, bath seat, head and knee support, cradles and transporters

We endeavour to provide accurate information but product development may alter certain specifications.

  • Air Spa
  • Colour changing lights
  • Bluetooth music system
  • TMV3 Shower System (CAT5 safe)
  • Cushions and supports

We endeavour to provide accurate information but product development may alter certain specifications.

Sizes available 1700mm x 750mm - 1800mm x 800mm
Height Range 720mm - 1060mm
Safe Working Load 185kg
Luxury Changing Top
Luxury Changing Top Available for the 1700 x 750mm and 1800 x 800mm End Waste baths, the Tops have removeable meshes for machine washing and have optional Head Support and/or Side Support Cushions to give the bather greater comfort and security.
Changing Tops
Changing Tops Available to fit the 1700mm x 750mm Centre Waste bath, or the 1800mm x 800mm model these, light, easy to clean Tops allow the carer to dry/ change the bather over the bath, rather than transferring them, wet, to a chair or back to their bedroom.
Bath Seats
Bath Seats The Seat is hinged at the base to ensure it sits perfectly on the bottom of the bath and a knee bar can be included, for extra support. The Seat can be supported across the rim of the bath, or a leg attached to the underside which rests on the bottom of the bath and this can be made to any height according to the person’s individual needs.
Head Support
Head Support Attaches to the bath to give the bather a comfortable head rest and can be moulded to a given shape for even greater support.
Knee Support
Knee Support (with or without Cushions) – The Knee Support can be made to a specific height to give the bather added comfort.

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