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  • Portable CP200 Ceiling Hoist
  • Portable CP200 Ceiling Hoist

Portable CP200

The Portable Hoist with its unique, innovative design is one of the lightest portable hoists on the market, yet is capable of lifting up to 200 kg. The Portable Hoist has numerous safety features to ensure safer lifting and handling for both the client and caregiver.
As the name suggests, this hoist is fully portable making ideal for those who require a hoisting package to be moved from one location to another quickly and easily.
This hoist is suitable for use with fixed Ceiling Tracks or the Gantry System.
The CP200 Portable Hoist provides great flexibility during the lifting process as it can be controlled via its handset or via on board controls. The design and features of the CP200 makes it perfect for use in community or nursing environments.

  • Capable of transferring patient of up to 200kg
  • Compact lightweight aluminium chassis, total unit weight 4.5kg without a carry bar
  • Up, down and emergency lowering controls on both hand controller and unit Power switch on rear of the unit
  • Auto power off after approximately 30 seconds of non- use to save battery
  • 50- 60 lifts per charge
  • Integrated wall dock and charger
  • Led indicators for: Battery and error status, Sleep mode, Emergency lower, Temperature warnings, Lifted weight is over capacity, Slack tape error, Charger fault
  • Can be fitted, and moved between any suitable ceiling track or overhead gantry with a compatible trolley set
  • Move patients with minimal effort whilst maintaining their comfort and dignity

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Hoisting Range Up to 2100mm
Cassette Weight 4.5 kg
Safe Working Load 200 kg (31.5 stone)

Portable CP200 Technical info

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