Palma Vita Shower Toilet

The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic WC sets the standard for shower toilets, providing simultaneous flushing and washing with the addtion of warm air drying.



The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic WC sets the standard for shower toilets, providing simultaneous flushing and washing with the addtion of warm air drying.
Its in-build douching and drying is operated on demand by pressing and releasing the elbow pad, improving cleanliness and hygiene for all users, cleaning with water, not paper, which can reduce the risk of infection.
It is the only toilet of its kind, specifically developed for elderly and disabled people, that is designed to properly support the user and position them correctly for effective washing and drying.

  • Combines functions of a WC and bidet with addition of warm air drying
  • Simultaneous flushing and wahing
  • The one touch system allows the user to benefit from the toilet’s automatic functions by just pressing and releasing the elbow pad
  • Simple “hands free” action automatic flushing, warm water washing and warm air drying
  • Enables the user to toilet with little or no help
  • Customised to suit individual needs

How it works

  • Flushing: Press either elbow pad whilst standing for conventional flush.
  • Washing: Press elbow pad whilst seated and hold down for approximately 10-15 seconds, flushing and warm water washing will then take place.
  • Drying: Warm air drying automatically follows when elbow pad is released.

We endeavour to provide accurate information but product development may alter certain specifications.


Integrated Fold-down Support Arms
Robust and secure that folds out of the way to aid side transfer from a wheelchair. A lap strap is also available. Ideal for installations where wall construction is poor.

Soft Arms Sleeve
Easy to fit, the Soft Arm Sleeves provide a comfortable, hygienic and stylish dimension to the Integrated Fold-down Support Arms.

Lateral Body Supports
These easily adjustable and comfortable additions help to provide extra support and stability to the user, in conjunction with the Integrated Fold-down Support Arms.

Soft Seats
Options available are Junior, Adult and Adult Open Fronted. All soft seats are supplied in a dark blue colour to aid the visually impaired.

Alternative Douche Arms
Extended Single Spray or Twin Spray. All douche options are included in the price of the Palma Vita.

Plinths are used to raise the whole unit. For use with a shower chair or to aid direct wheelchair transfer. Plinths come in heights of 25, 50, 75 and 100mm.

Infrared Remote Control
This simplistic ‘push and go’ style infrared control provides a versatile option lending itself particularly well when used by carers.

Proxy Switch
Making use of “passive technology” the Closomat Proxy Switch allows users with little or no grip to activate the unit, simply by passing their hand/body-part in front of the sensor.

Big John Seat
The Big John bariatric toilet seat is essential for anyone who is larger framed. With an increased seating area and weight capacity, the Big John toilet seat provides a safer and more comfortable platform for larger clients.

Infill Panel
The Infill Panel has been designed to aid installations where pipe-work inhibits the Palma Vita from being located against the wall. It is also to be used in conjunction with an extended douche arm, where channelling the rear wall is not an option. The Infill Panel is available in thickness sizes 25mm, 50mm & 75mm. The infill panel is 100mm taller than the Palma Vita. It must be cut from the bottom to suit finished toilet height.

Touch Sensitive Hand/Foot Switch
This device is for those users who are unable to use the standard elbow pads. Air operated, no electricity is required to operate it, only very light pressure.

Slimline Support Arms
With the ability to fold away independently of each other, these Integrated Slimline Support Arms provide close proximity support, whilst looking clean and smart. Their elliptical shape offers an ‘easy to hold’ profile making getting on and off the toilet a much easier task. Covered in a ‘warm feel’ coating these robust metal arms provide safety and comfort all year round. 120Kg/18.5St



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